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Range hood smaller than cooktop

After all, a range hood's location also has a significant impact on its performance. You'll want to leave 20 to 24 inches of space between your cooktop and your range hood if your cooktop is electric. If you have a gas cooktop, then you'll want to leave 24 to 30 inches of space between your range hood and your cooktop.


Likewise, a smaller hood can accommodate as much as 600-cfm of airflow. For an island mounted range hood, you don’t need a larger one than the range. Just make sure that it overlaps by about 3 to 6 inches on both sides. However, a larger canopy can catch more grease and heat. There are two types of range hoods: insert and island.

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Ideally, a range hood should be wider than your cooktop. While most range hoods are the same size as cooktops, a wider hood provides a number of benefits. One, you know. These hoods are much smaller and sleeker than classic range hoods of the past. They suck air and fumes down into a vent, rather than up, like traditional hoods. ... How far should the range hood be from cooktop? In general, the hood should be located 24 inches above the cooktop, but some gas ranges may require 30 inches.

For most home applications you do not need, or probably even want a hood that's larger than your range with a 36" or smaller unit. That can change significantly with larger ranges. Don't get hoodwinked (pun intended) by branding claims. 600 CFM is just that. Larger hoods in home applications usually require blowers with more CFM.

Mar 25, 2022 · Whirlpool GXW6536DXS Wall Mount Glass Canopy Chimney Range Hood. BROAN NuTone BCDF130SS Glacier Convertible Range Hood. GE Profile 30" Wall Mount Hood JV936DSS. Summit Appliance H1720W 20-Inch ....

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